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Jovino Tattoo Gallery

All the art work on this page and on all the gallery's pages is made in Jovino Tattoo Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel

There are probably lots of types of tattoos around now, with proficient artists developing their own each day. However quite a few those designs are adapted from sure historically famous tattoo styles—lots of them a long time or even centuries vintage.

Right here, in our tattoo gallery page,  are 20 of the traditional varieties of tattoo artwork, those you truly want to recognize earlier than you begin stepping into tattoo design. if you’re looking for the suitable tattoo style, you could no longer be capable of use the precise terminology of what you need, however in all likelihood you’ll have this type of in thoughts already. Figuring out how exactly you want your ideal tattoo to appear to be is hard, but we hope the styles below will assist you to choose your next tattoo.

Always wanted to be a Tattoo Artist?  

Jovino Tattoo Academy


If you think you have what it takes - contact us!

Meet some of our talanted artists 

The staff at JOVINO TATTOO  are the most experienced and qualified in TEL AVIV. We’re always looking to break boundaries in order to provide you with a truly unique piece of art. As tattoo artists, our greatest reward is for you to leave feeling proud of your new tattoo. We want your experience to be as amazing as the ink on your body.

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