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~ My body is my jornal,
                     tand my tattoos are my story~

Jovino Tattoo Academy 

Studio Jovino - one of the first Studios in Israel  which provides an extensive Tattoo Course - in theoretic and in applied practice.


Studio Jovino - first established in 1982 and under the owner Motty Gal’s and his pro team tutelage has produced dozens of amazing Tattoo Artists that either have their own well known studio, work in other notable studios or as top apprentices remained in Jovino.


The studio continues to assist and provide for students long after the course has been completed.

Our tattoo course also includes  more important topics besides tattooing- knowledge of the skin, first aid, marketing - photography and social media.

If you think you have what it takes - contact us!

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What should you know when thinking of doing a tattoo course?


Ever since you remember yourself tattoos have been something you could not ignore? It started with you doing a tattoo or two and it continued with discovering your wonderful painting talent? If so, it's clear why you're already thinking about a connection between the two: between love and tattoos and between love and painting. It is worth knowing that nowadays it is possible to do a tattoo course very easily in quite a few places in Israel, and the truth is, it is worth taking this into account. Quite a few people have already done a tattoo course, gained experience in the field and also set up an independent studio, so if this is also your dream, why not make it come true? To tattoo other people is to be a part of their memory and it is to become a part of who they are. It is therefore clear why quite a few people who love this field are attracted to it and choose to turn it into a real profession.


How do you decide where to take a tattoo course?


The truth is, just as you can do any other course in countless places in the country, so it is when talking about a tattoo course. Therefore, it is natural for you to have a dilemma, because of course not every tattoo course will be of a high enough standard. Therefore, our recommendation is to find out in advance everything you can about the course you are enrolling in, such as: Who teaches it? What does the course include? And how long did it last? What does he require of you? And most importantly - how practical is the course really? It is good and beautiful to study the theory and history of the world of tattoos, but in practice the most important thing is to gain experience. Therefore, when choosing a tattoo course, you should find out in advance that you are choosing a practical tattoo course. This way you can be sure that as soon as you finish the course you will be able to start working in this field.

Are these expensive courses?


Another little tip we can give you when it comes to deciding where you want to do a tattoo course, is to find out how much it costs, and beautiful one hour earlier. It is true that there is often a connection between the level of the course and its price, but this still does not mean that you have to agree to pay any amount that will be required of you. So it makes sense to talk to a few different schools where you can do a tattoo course, get quotes and choose the offer that you find as attractive as possible. You will see that you will enjoy every moment in the course and you will not regret that you chose to invest in it.

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