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A day at Jovino Tattoo Academy. First time for the students on real skin. 

So how does a day at the Giovino Tattoo Academy look like?

We invite you to take a journey with us by the pictures on this page. The date is 24/11/21, the students of the July  tattoo course are practicing for the first time their skills on a real skin and you can feel the excitement. 

We are proud to have each and everyone one of them as our students. 


Every day at the Tattoo Academy is a day full of creativity. New art, new thoughts and endless inspiration. Our new tattoo workshop allows students in a tattoo course to combine theoretical studies with actual practice.
We enjoy showing the constant development of our students in academia until the moment they are ready to go out into the world and their careers.
At the end of the theoretical part of our  tattoo course  and a deep acquaintance with the world of body art, our students move on to the tattoo stage on fake skin and after five weeks and lots of homework,

we know they are ready for the next stage, move on to tattoo, tattoo and tattoo.
At every Jiovino session in Jovino Tattoo Academy , Motti Gal makes sure that the students are getting all the help they need to achieve the best accuracy and result on the very first 

practical session. 

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