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Just as in different areas of fashion we see different trends that change over the years, so you can see that is happening in the world of tattoos as well. In recent years realistic tattoos have become a big hit, so if you are today at the stage where you are looking for the perfect tattoo for you, it is worth considering this option.

When we talk about realistic tattoos, as the name suggests, we are talking about tattoos that look just like a picture from reality. It can be a face image of a woman, a man or even a beloved animal, so there is no doubt that the sky is the limit in this area. Usually realistic tattoos will be made in black but you can of course take the matter one step further and make the tattoo realistic in terms of colors as well.


Do realistic tattoos have to be big?


This is a question that is often repeated when thinking about realistic tattoos, and the truth is that the answer is not unequivocal. One of the most important data that will influence the choice of size, is the question of what realistic image it is and how many details it has. The more details you want to put into the tattoo, the bigger it should be, as only in this way will each detail get the full attention of whoever will look at the tattoo. On the other hand, it is clear that not all of us will want to do a particularly large tattoo that covers his entire back or chest so it is worth remembering that almost every tattoo can be done in different proportions. It is very important to decide in advance, even before you come to this or that tattoo studio, in which organ you would like to do the tattoo. It is worth thinking about this not only in terms of the end result but also in terms of the process itself, because it is known that there are parts of pur boddy where this experience may be a little more painful.


In which studio do you get realistic tattoo today?

Finally, after you choose the tattoo, the size and the organ where you want to get a tattoo, you should also choose the studio you are applying to. There is no arguing that in every city today there are quite a few professionals who can make you realistic tattoos, but on the other hand, not everywhere will you come out completely satisfied. So, when you are trying to choose the right place where you would like to get a tattoo, you should check if it is a veteran studio? Does the studio you are applying to have a reputation in this field? And are the tattoos you will meet realist tattoo experts? It is worth finding out everything that can be chosen and enjoying a spectacular result of a tattoo that can not be ignored.

Each artist at JOVINO TATTOO  works directly with clients to create body art based on their input, but also provides guidance and artistic vision for the process. We believe you should pick an artist based on how their style fits your unique needs. Make the tattoo of your dreams come true with us. Contact us 

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